Lash Sublime Eyelash Extensions

You Skin and Body's eyelash extensions are an amazing way to extend and thicken your natural lashes.

One individual synthetic lash is adhered to an individual natural lash. This soothing process consists of approximately 60 – 150 lashes per eye depending on your natural lash health and your preferred look.

Our eyelash extensions feel completely lightweight and natural and wont damage your natural lashes. As your natural lashes regenerate every 60 – 90 days, we recommend a re-lash every 3 weeks to replace new growth and ensure you have a beautiful full set all year round. Indulge in the addiction and fall in love!

Eyelash Extension Prices
Initial Full Set of Lash Sublime Eyelash Extensions (allow 120 minutes) $150
Re-Lash every 3 weeks (allow 90 minutes) $99
Eyelash Extension Removal (allow 30 minutes) $30

* Please note, any loss of more than 75% of your Eyelash Extensions will be charged at an initial full set rate.


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